Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Brad Pitt - Japanese Ads

Toyota Altis Commercial

Rolex Ad in Japan

Wonder what it is with Brad Pitt and Japanese ads... but he sells his products world over anyway... :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sony Bravia - Paint

THE ADVERT: Sony Bravia

THE BRIEF: Persuade people it's worth shelling out for a new LCD TV

THE SCHTICK: Different coloured paints are fired all over a drab-looking estate, in the style of an orchestrated firework show. A clown with orange hair runs through the estate, setting off a climax in which a tower block has a "reverse demolition" as paint explodes all the way to the top, resulting in a delicious sounding rain of paint........

........Jose Gonzalez's cover of Heartbeats, the soundtrack to Balls, became a hit after that advert; in choosing Rossini's Thieving Magpie for this advert, the temptation to follow that part of the formula has been resisted. To many the Rossini will sound like a playful bit of mischief - to others it will have the sinister echo of Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, where it accompanied a slow-motion fight in an opera house........

Read more about it here

Bajaj - Old Caliber Ad

Wonder what the ad agency had in mind while making this ad.. On the face value I would think... "With this bike you can just go around chasing things that have just moved on while you chose to stay stuck - and hence you are the UNSHAKEABLE... You might look macho riding a bike but you are still a loser in life"


This dual interpretation may not be a great USP for this product. but it certainly tug at the hearts strings of young girls, how just melted seeing a guy going in search of his childhood sweetheart (maybe!?) with an undeniably Cuuuute pup with him as a gift.... but was the target audience convinced to buy this product? I would never know!

80's commercial from US of A

A few retrocommercials from US of A all stringed together.. there are some really corny and hilarious ones... It goes to show that consumers today have matured in their tastes and are not easily convinced by jazzy superfluous advertisements, which sends out signals that they are nothing more than a sham. These ads are in sharp contrast to the emotional appeal to the crowd and subliminal message to buy their products today. Today's ads thrive on subconciously moving the consumer by preying on the innately present hedonistic tendencies. Once in a while it pays to take a quick look at ads of yesterday... atleast for their humour quotient :)

Sunday, April 8, 2007

India Poised Campaign

Amitabh's Recital of India Poised Anthem

Gulzar's Recital Of India Poised Anthem


.....Many of us grew up being told by our elders that if we didn't shut our eyes and go to sleep within five minutes, Wee Willie Winkie would come through the grilled window and spirit us away. It's politically unfashionable these days to instil such fear in children; child psychologists warn parents that their apparently harmless stories could leave young, impressionable minds scarred for life.

It's ironic that the West, from where these treat-kids-with-kid gloves notions originated, is now trying to scare their children and grown-ups with stories of the near-mythical Indian (in the US, Indian now pretty much means us, not Red/Native/American Indian; and to some Americans, we probably look a lot scarier than the Apaches and Mohawks in Westerns).

American kids are routinely warned by their teachers that if they don't take their science and math seriously, the Indians and the Chinese will beat them to the best colleges and jobs in America . (Recently, a bunch of students from an Ivy League college visited TOI, and one of the students freely admitted that her mother, a high school teacher, was using such scare tactics.) And it's not just American kids who are being beaten with the Indian lathi-their fathers are being quietly bullied by employers into putting in extra hours without a murmur: either that or their jobs will move to India. "
Read all about it here.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Cinthol - Arvind Swamy

Cinthol ad starring Arvind Swamy and scoring by our very own Rahman. A young chap revisiting his home town, freshens up with Cinthol and settles down for a warm homecoming... thats typically south Indian.... Jogs quite a few memories of coming back from tuition as a kid and having this being aired while having dinner with family.... :)