Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Print Ad: Absolut Budapest

Absolut Vodka pays tribute to Erno Rubik and the Rubik's cube -- arguably Hungary's biggest contribution to games with the ABSOLUT BUDAPEST print ad.


Advertiser: Absolut Vodka
Agency : TBWA

Celebs in Ads: Kate Winslett for American Express

One of my favourite American Express Card Commercials.

The Ad starts with Kate Winslet walking through London's Camden Markets and revealing her achievements in reel life with the following quotes

"At 17, I went to prison for murder." -- A reference to her character in the movie Heavenly Bodies
"By 19, I was penniless and heartbroken." -- A reference to her character in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility
"I almost drowned at 20." -- The Titanic reference
"My mind started to go at 24" -- Reference to Iris in which she co starred with Judi Dench
"Then I had my memory erased at 28" -- Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind
"By 29, I was in Never Land." -- A reference to her film Finding Neverland

and ends wonderfully well with a beautiful line

"My real life doesn’t need any extra drama. That’s why my card is American Express"

Creative Agency :Ogilvy & Mather , New York
Creative Director : Chris Mitton
Art Director : Kate Wilentz
Copywriter : Jon Koffler
Movie Director : Roger Michell
Director of Photography : Haris Zambarloukos
Music : Jason Lifton

Watch the ad and enjoy

Sunday, June 19, 2011

If hunger is a wild animal that needs to be fed, would McDonald's be the first thought that crosses your mind?
If it is striving to be funny by going against the normal sign at the zoo that says wild animals should not be fed, then it is a huge FAILURE!
Makes me want to believe it is just an amateur work and not something churned out by a reputed ad agency like DDB Tribal,Austria.