Monday, February 18, 2008

Anti-White Campaign

I am sorry people, but these are some ads that really drove home the point. We live in mixed cultures where race,colour and faith should no longer be barriers.

History portrays us as separate entities but with global distances shrinking, we can no longer afford to stick with our geography-induced differences.


  1. did drive the point..

    but was it robert frost "good fences make better neighbours" even in todays world we need individual cultures..

    as much as the world strives to keep a siberian tiger, the two horned rhino from being extinct, the onus of keeping our identities alive is on us :)...thats too far and different to what you trying to say..but that triggered the thought.

  2. it's a utterly fatuous campaign.
    why? because it's based on arguments that are as shallow and lukewarm as the arguments of hardcore racists. while racists reduce immigrants to violent criminals this is trying to make us believe that all problems with immigration only exist in some freaked out white racists' heads.
    what's the point of it?
    the subject of immigration is much too complex to be beaten down in less than a minute. so is the fear of immigration that some people feel. they should have tried to reduce these people's fears instead of supporting this (not so) new form of ignorance.
    inverted racism (>"anti-white campaign") is racism, too.