Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pillsbury - Poppin' Fresh

Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Ad from the '80s. Known for his distinct giggle on being poked, Poppin' Fresh is still favorite world over. its USP being the innocent giggle and the tiny bulge which is a sure sign of prosperity.:)

Trivia:Courtesy Wikipedia.
Pillsbury family

In the 1970s, a Pillsbury Doughboy family was created and were sold as toys in Sears stores.

Included in the family are:

Poppie Fresh (a.k.a Mrs. Poppin' Fresh, Pillsbury Doughgirl) (wife)
Popper (son)
Bun Bun (baby daughter)
GrandPopper and GranMommer (grandparents)
Biscuit (cat)
Flapjack (dog)
Rollie (uncle)
Poppie also appeared in some commercials along with Poppin' Fresh

The name of the artist who actually first drew Poppin' Fresh (the Pillsbury Doughboy) was Martin Nodell.

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