Tuesday, March 4, 2008



ABSOLUT ads are prime testimony to how advertising can change the fortunes of a company. A single ad - The ABSOLUT LA Campaign helped ABSOLUT overcome Stolichnaya as the best selling imported vodka in California. A beautiful set of ads that opened a whole wide world for the incredibly creative folks at TBWA. - The ABSOLUT City collection.

ABSOLUT LA - The ad that started it all.

ABSOLUT BOSTON -- Absolut Vodka cases floating in the water, with some of the cases having floated up against each other, forming an Absolut shape. Photographed by Steve Bronstein, this ad commemorated the 225th aniversary of the Boston Tea Party. A Brilliant concept and beautiful execution - An ad that celebrates the heritage of this city and its importance in the history of America.

ABSOLUT PHILADELPHIA - One would have expected the steak to come out in a vodka bottle shape for this city.

ABSOLUT BOSTON - Another one for this city with a dedication to the legendary Celtics.

more to come ...

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