Monday, September 24, 2007

Red Tapism - TOI

Amazing commentary drawing parallels with Hockey.. Wry humourous take on the ubiquitous Red Tapism in the Gov Offices of India....

Coca Cola Spanish Commerical

At a Spanish Party, the waiter takes a break, drinks coca-cola and turns the entire party into a typical Karan Johar type of shaadi-waadi naach - gaana ishtyle.. Is that how world perceives our movies? all over-baked glamor?

Parle G 1989 Ad

Swad Bhare Shakti Bhare .... Barsoon se... Parleeeee Geeeee!!!!

Good ol' days !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lifebouy - Little Gandhi

Very well made ad with tiny artistes and a creative title for the ad - Little Gandhi! now who could have thought of that?

Amul Ad - MTV

Amul's Ads have always been in-sync with the changing trends... This ad portrays the change in Amul Ad campaign wearing the garb of Gen MTv.

Was this the best they could come up with days a-yonder?

Monday, September 17, 2007


What do we have here??

Pitt and Aniston endorsing the same beer!!!

How ironic that Aniston loses the last 2 bottles of Heineken Beer to another guy from right under her nose.....!! Sounds familiar doesn't it?

With due respect to Pitt's preferences, Aniston lost to another woman...