Friday, January 25, 2013

Charles C. Ebbett - Lunch atop a skyscrapper: An inspiration

Charles C. Ebbett's iconic picture titled " A Luncheon atop a Skyscraper ( New York construction workers lunching on a crossbeam)" was taken on the 69th floor during construction of the GE Building at the Rockefeller Center in 1932. It has been a source of inspiration for several ad campaigns globally.

The outdoor advertisement of Lego, titled " Builders of Tomorrow" was released in June 2007, by Jung von Matt Advertising Agency. It won Cannes Gold in 2007.

 Sony also draws inspiration from Charles C Ebbetts vintage photograph, using the tag line: In photography: Timing is everything.
 The other ads of Sony camera coming soon on this blog.

With Volkswagen Girder priced so low, the team at DDB Milan has shown that the target audience for the product transcends all social classes. It entices the blue collar class also to go for Volkswagen Girder. The image of an empty construction bar and a tag line that "unfortunately the word has already spread" speaks for itself..

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