Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Public Conscience in Ads

Long drawn court cases...

...“Yes, art does imitate life,” says Brijesh Jacob, ECD, Grey Worldwide, who was with Lowe when he conceptualised the Greenply ad. In Greenply’s ‘case’ (no pun intended), Jacob and his team took inspiration from news clippings on long drawn out court battles such as those for the 1993 Mumbai blasts and the Jessica Lal murder. Keeping in line with the Greenply humour, the brand wanted an ironic and satirical backdrop to bring forth the product’s durability concept.....

...the Tata Tea TVC, which has a young man questioning a political candidate’s qualifications to govern the country (awakening with Tata Tea, instead of just waking up). So, what’s with the reality check?....

...“These issues have always existed; due credit to the clients for supporting such creatives,” remarks brand consultant R Sridhar, partner, IDEAS-RS. “Usually, clients shy away from controversial topics.” Sridhar attributes the rise of such commercials to the evolving Indian psyche, particularly that of the youth. Nowadays, this segment is quite interested in current affairs and their surroundings, egged on by movies such as ‘Rang De Basanti’, or even by the media hyping up things. “Indians now have a more open psyche and willingness to state their point of view,” adds Sridhar, “a phenomenon that is reflecting in our advertising as well.”...
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

WWF - Paper Ad

This is one ad that will pinch your heart everytime you pluck a handful of papers from the dispenser!!

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Art Directors: Cliff Kagawa Holm, Silas Jansson
Copywriters: Cliff Kagawa Holm, Silas Jansson

Saturday, November 10, 2007


World's first Shadow Poster

FedEx Ad

Its one of those ads which has no qualms in dragging the competitor's name into the ad frame for self-promotion....

Ingonito Glasses

Really amusing pair of glasses.
Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin
Creative Directors: Julia Schmidt/Constantin Kaloff/James Cruickshank/Bastian Engbert
Art Director: Moritz Unuetzer
Photographer: Sittig Fahr-Becke

Ipod Touch Ads

Nick Haley an 18 yr old kid from UK ,totally besotten by the Ipod Touch, he made a commercial on it on his own.

His version is here

Ipod Ad team liked the Ad so much that they bought the right from Nick, spruced it a bit and lo and behold - a production ad which is still so faithful to the original..

Music Is My Boyfriend is the title of a song currently thought to be featured in an iPod Touch commercial. The actual song in the commercial is called Music Is My Hot Hot Sex by a Brazilian group called CSS.

Here goes the original Video