Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bajaj - Old Caliber Ad

Wonder what the ad agency had in mind while making this ad.. On the face value I would think... "With this bike you can just go around chasing things that have just moved on while you chose to stay stuck - and hence you are the UNSHAKEABLE... You might look macho riding a bike but you are still a loser in life"


This dual interpretation may not be a great USP for this product. but it certainly tug at the hearts strings of young girls, how just melted seeing a guy going in search of his childhood sweetheart (maybe!?) with an undeniably Cuuuute pup with him as a gift.... but was the target audience convinced to buy this product? I would never know!


  1. you have an amazing site.great work!

  2. i dont think so.the idea is that there might be impediments in ur life and sometimes even your goals change,but that should not stop you from moving on. this is one of my favourite ads ever and apart from the cute puppy and the childhoo sweetheat charm you talked about the inspiring tune and the impeccable and subtle performances also add to the magic.
    in all,this ad was way before its time!

  3. The jingle is very good, voice is of Shankar Mahadevan i believe. I still hum it sometimes.