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Friday, April 6, 2007

Fevicol - Bus Ad

From Ad guru,Piyush Pandey's repertoire won India, the Cannes festival in 2002.

The Ad Film Maker for this piece was none other than his brother Prasoon Pandey.

"Q. As a filmmaker, do you look up to somebody as a mentor? Has there been somebody who has influenced your current style of filmmaking?

A. I admire Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock and Kieslowski. Woody Allen tries the demented/eccentric comedy route without being too slapstick. It’s vastly different from the Charlie Chaplin type of comedy. Not that I don’t admire Charlie Chaplin. While Charlie had a set of sequences in his comedy, Allen uses a style that is rather weird and surprises viewers when they least expect it. .................

Read more about the kid brother here.