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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl ads : Go Daddy/ 2013

Sex does not sell. Instead of having sexed up models stripping, pole dancing or prancing in a wet t shirt, the 2013 commercial has gone back to revisit their basics of advertising..that is, focus on what they sell. They kept their promise made before the Olympics 2012 that they would steer away from sensual tv commercials that they have come to be associated with.

The latest GoDaddy Commercial revolves around couples around the world discussing to put their "Big Idea" on Internet business online, each thinking they are the first to have the brainstorm but finally only one registers a domain name on and cashes in on the "Big Idea".

Go Daddy has teamed up for the third straight year with .CO domain encouraging entrepreneurs to buy a .CO with GO Daddy.

Danica Patrick makes cameo appearance towards the end of the 30-sec comic clip.