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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Honda Cog Ad

The sequence starts with a transmission bearing rolling down a board into a synchro hub. The hub in turn rolls into a gear wheel cog, which falls off of the board and into a camshaft and pulley wheel. The camshaft swings around into the centre section of an exhaust pipe mounted on top of an engine crankshaft assembly. The exhaust in turn swings round to knock, which in turn swings into the first of a series of valve stems. The valve stems roll down a front bonnet placed on top of an alloy wheel rim, releasing an engine oil dipstick with a throttle actuator shaft on the end. The disptick flicks over an engine cam cover into a radiator. The radiator overturns, falling onto a wheel balanced on top of a water pump housing. This wheel rolls off and knocks into the first of a series of three weighted wheels, which roll up a ramp into a brake disc.

If you still don't know what I am talking about take a look at the video. One of the best ads of all times and one of the most award winning ads. It is the Honda Cog Ad.

It took 606 takes to get the video right but it was worth each try. The final ad that was screened for the first time during an ad break of the Brazilian Grand Prix was such a runaway hit even the rival ad company bosses were indicating that it was one of the best ads that they had seen.