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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Levi's 'Dangerous Liaison'

Agency: BBH, London Creative Director: Caroline Pay Agency Producer: Davud Karbassioun Art Director: Steve Wakelam (art direction), Dean Wei (typography) Production Company: Rattling Stick Director: Ringan Ledwidge Producer: Sally Humphries DP: Alwin Kuchler Post Production: The Mill, London Audio Post: Aaron Reynolds @ Wave Offline Editor: Richard Orrick @ Work Music: "Strange Love",

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Creek" Levi's 501 commercial

This is one of those classics with the old-world ring to it... The BG is "Inside" by Stiltskin

Levi's Commercials by Michel Gondry - The Chemist

Watch Pocket: The Chemist

One of the most oft repeated sapid,beaten-to-death jokes made in the print of yonder days which is sooo Michel Gondry...

But given the current day scenario, father's have much to celebrate if their little gurl's boyfriend is wearing Jeans with watch pockets.

You know what's in there...!! :)

Product: Watch Pocket: The Chemist
Brand: Levi's

Director: Michel Gondry, whose experiments with the "Bullet Time" method of filming was made use of in Matrix.

Levi's Commercials by Michel Gondry - The Mermaids

Shrink to Fit

The Mermaids look eerie in the pale blue halo of the underwater hues.....

Are they trying to say that Shrink-to-fit jeans enhances your sex-appeal? If it shrinks any further... Ouch!!!!! there wouldn't be much to appeal either ....

Little Mermaid, Ariel would have been mighty disappointed had Prince Eric worn those jeans :)

Product: Shrink to Fit
Brand: Levi's
Director: Michel Gondry

Levi's Blind Man Ad

Mistaken Identity:
A man in Men's room, with a cane; A good looking fugitive loaded with cash....

See what happens next!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Levi's - Slim Stick Ad

Agency: JWT, India
Creative Director & Writer: Senthil Kumar
Art Director: Hital Pandya
Director & Animation: E Suresh

But surprising to have such an ad come out of the Indian wing of JWT.

Very creative indeed but why would the woman in Levi's Jeans be portrayed as a Black Widow? Killing the man she makes out with in the car after hounding him down??