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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

MTV Porok

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'Porok' is a sport played in certain parts of rural India. It is weird and wonderful because one has to adopt the stance of a fighter cock and head butt the opponent out of the circle. So we took this sport and blew it out of proportion to denote the power of gaming.

Our village was constructed bang in the middle of Bombay, because we love this great city of ours and besides, there was no budget to go out. So if you notice a parked car or an electric cable, keep it to yourself.

The spoken tongue in the spot is absolute gibberish. We mixed most of the Indian languages up to get people guessing as to what the language was. The last line actually means "Porok afternoon cock horn, eunuch inside big bangle insect."
Product : XBox
Agency : Mtv India
Creatives : Cyrus Oshidar (Executive Creative Director)
K.M. Ayappa (Copywriter)
Mahendra Bhatula (Copywriter)
Hiren Kapadia (Agency Producer)
Director(s) : Mahendra Bhatula
# K.M. Ayappa
Prod. Co. : Mtv India
Country : India