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Monday, January 21, 2013

Absolut 'Manish' Arora

A contemporary Fashion Designer, Manish Arora, encases the finest elements of his Paris Fashion Week in October of 2009, lending a surreal texture to the bottle.

Given his penchant for colors and patterns it comes as no surprise that he was appointed the creative director of Paco Rabanne in early 2011.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Absolut 'Vikram' Seth

Vikram Seth is not only a gifted writer but also a painter. In this campaign series, each of his canvases is a symbol of a "Rasa"  blending music,dance and art, giving them an ethereal feel . He breathes life not only into words and poems but also to colors by giving them a new dimension on his canvas.

 His Blue Canvas contribution to the Absolut campaign, has "Na Main,Na Mai" in Urdu and Nastaleeq script scrawling over the blue bottle in gold letters. It reflects the "Shanta Rasa" or Peace.  
 In the above canvas, his multifacted personality comes to the fore where he effortlessly blends hues of orange and red, reflecting the "Vira Rasa". The "Heroic and Energetic" flavors radiating from the painting are unmistakable. "Jiu" is the Chinese character for wine as exhibited in the canvas.

A nod to the peerless Harivanshrai Bacchan, Vikram Seth borrows "Pyasa Pyala" in Devanagiri script, meaning the "Thirsty Cup" from "Madhushala". The image is of surreal love that "Shringar Rasa" is about.

All the three canvases represent the true spirit of Absolut.

This exhibition makes Vikram Seth the fourth Indian to contribute the iconic Absolut campaign.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Absolut 'Subodh' Gupta

Subodh Gupta, a prolific artist has made a valuable contribution to the 30 year old legendary campaign of Absolut Vodka with the above sculpture.

He has taken everyday kitchen articles, placed them in a new dimension,  rehashing the mundane quotidian value of those articles and elevating them to represent the true spirit of Absolut.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Absolut 'Bharati' Kher

Bharati Kher, born in London, is a popular contemporary Indian artist with several paintings, sculptures and installations to her credit. 

Bindi, a decorative mark that Indian women wear in the middle of their foreheads, are used extensively her sculptures.

Her fascination with the "sperm" bindi, her signature, is evident in the Absolut Vodka installation which gives it a 3 dimensional perception.

Bharati Kher is married to the popular Indian Sculptor, Subodh Gupta.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Print Ad: Absolut Brooklyn

Absolut Vodka pays tribute to Brooklyn with ABSOLUT BROOKLYN

Absolut Vodka Product of Sweden, 40 and 50% alc/vol(80 and 100 proof). 100% grain neutral spirits "

Advertiser: Absolut Vodka
Agency : TBWA
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Print Ad: Absolut New Orleans

Absolut Vodka pays tribute to Jazz and the city that giave us JAZZ -- New Orleans with the triple vodka bottles acting as part of a wonderful trumpet in ABSOLUT NEW ORLEANS print ad.

Advertiser: Absolut Vodka
Agency : TBWA

Print Ad: Absolut Geneva

Absolut Vodka pays tribute to all the Horologists of Geneva with the Vodka bottle in the watch movements in the ABSOLUT GENEVA print ad.

Advertiser: Absolut Vodka
Agency : TBWA

Print Ad: Absolut Budapest

Absolut Vodka pays tribute to Erno Rubik and the Rubik's cube -- arguably Hungary's biggest contribution to games with the ABSOLUT BUDAPEST print ad.


Advertiser: Absolut Vodka
Agency : TBWA