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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vintage Ad : Kellogs Corn Flakes - Rare Print Ads

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vintage Ad : Quaker Oats - Rare Print Ads

Quaker Oats company was started in 1901 by amalgamation of 4 cereal milling companies.

  • Quaker Mill Company of Ravenna,Ohio.:  Henry D. Seymour, one of the founders of Quaker Mill company, trademarked the Quaker brand in 1877, making it the first registered trademark for a breakfast cereal. Though none of the founding members were Quakers , the image was chosen, for the Quakers represented purity, simplicity and quality as per the encyclopedia article that Seymour was inspired by.
  • A cereal mill in Iowa
  • The German Mills American Oatmill Company, owned by the "The Oatmeal King"
  • The Rob Lewis & Co. American Oats and Barley Oatmeal Corporation.
The 'Quaker Oats' man is not modeled after a real person and does not have a name. Though within the company he is called 'Larry'

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vintage Ad: Domino's

The Noid was the mascot of Domino's Pizza created in the 1986 by Ad Agency Group 243.
The character "Noid" was representative of everything that could 'A-Nnoy' the customer, cold or pizza delivered late. This claymation character would stomp on the pizza carton, if it was cold or was delivered late but each time ,as seen in the ad, attempts on Domino's Pizza is thwarted.  

At a time that Pizza hut sold with the tag line "It is worth the wait" Domino's sold with the promise of a delivery less than 30 minutes , with "Avoid the Noid"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vintage Ad: Pizza Hut

A lot of people remember Pete, the Italian Pizza maker, in the yellow scarf and the blue apron and a hat that hovers over his head. One hand giving an "OK" and the other a "thumbs up".  

Pete was the mascot of Pizza hut from 1965 and vanished into the void of forgotten mascots by mid 80's.
The first logo of Pizza Hut featured Pete holding the words "Pizza" and "Hut" .

From 1967- 1999: Pizza hut used the "Red Roof" logo.

 From 2000- Present: The "Red Roof" has adopted a more stylized avatar with newer font, a yellow underline and a green dot for I's tittle.

The place mat from the 1970s shows the steps that "Pete" follows to present his customers with the perfect pie.  


This is a vintage print ad of Pizza Hut with tag line "It must be worth the wait". 
The battle between Pizza Hut and Dominoes Pizza over the USP of pizza delivery time has been dealt in another blog post.

The retro television ad is of Pizza Hut from 1971. It is so uninspiring that it leaves one wondering if this ad helped in contributing to the sales of Pizza hut's pizzas at all. In the backdrop there is an old logo of Pizza Hut circa 1970s.