Monday, July 25, 2011

Ericsson One Black Coffee Please Ad

This ad came out in mid 90's when India's cellphone market was largely niche. By todays standards the phone is a brick but was very small for 90s. An ad that immediately brings a smile to your face.

It was one of the few ads at the time to use the concept of Layering, A feature that comes up repeatedly in Prasoon Pandeys'ads. As the man gets up thinking that the lady is inviting him over to her table, she looks at him and tells him, ‘One black coffee, please?’ Now, while the camera focuses on the man’s crestfallen expression, the sound bite in the background is that of glasses breaking. It was also an ad , that was very different for that time. A time when ads still had a distinct colonial hangover or where the humor was not subtle. This ad however had a distinct humor that people were able to associate immediately and it was no wonder, that the international audienced lapped this ad up. Think, this was the first ever Indian ad to get a Cannes award as well.

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