Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Idea - No Aabaadi No Barbaadi

It is weird that they would have an advertisement centered around the concept that people have sex for the lack of something better to do. And if keeping the men distracted with the phone using immense capability at keeping the couple entertained is for real.. then what would a condom/contraceptive company's response to this be?
It paints a sorry picture with a woman who says (Translation) " I have sacrificed my marital life for the sake of the nation". Agreed that the cities are bursting at their seams but 3G would help control the explosion? Really? That is quite a stretch.. Its entertaining but the ad seems to highlight how populous a nation we have become and marginally talks about the features of 3G. Idea 3G gets drowned in the din.
Ironic that the same land that gave the "Kamasutra" also churns out kitsch like this.

Found it even more amusing that Abhi-Ash's baby is being used to sell products even before it is born, when Abhishek admits that his contribution to the population of India happened before 3G arrived.

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