Sunday, July 24, 2011

Movie Directors in Ad Industry : Michael Bay

Michael Bay known for his blockbuster movies ( Bad Boyz , Bad Boyz II , Transformers Franchise , The Island etc..) , has also created some fantastic advertisements for Chevrolet, Victoria Secret , Got Milk , Verizon etc..

Some early commercials like the Aaron Burr Got Milk ad , seem distinctly Anti- Michael Bay ad. An Ad that was made almost 15 years back , it has none of the trademark Michael Bay elements of Glamour , Explosions , fast cars or Helicopters. However , what it does not lack , is customary wit and it is no wonder , that this ad has won so many awards for Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

And then there are ads like this , after he became an established director in Hollywood. Basically a Verizon FIOS ( Fiber Optics) Ad where he mocks his style of making films while appearing in the ad.

With each of his films becoming bigger than the previous one ,his commercials have also become bigger than previous ones. For example , The initial Victoria's Secret Ad , had one model (Gisele Bundchen) , one helicopter and no major explosions. Quite unlike Michael Bay.

However with time , the ads have become longer , Bigger and better as well. Featuring more models , More Helicopters, More Explosions.

It is also interesting to note the positioning of Victoria's Secret to other brands Such as Wonderbra. While Wonderbra goes out of the way , to be a thinking person's lingerie ( if you can call that) , Victoria's Secret goes with the time tested model of going with the raw sex appeal in ads.

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